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This site is dead!

Just like the RIAA, this form of media distribution is dying and dead. With the likes of BitTorrent, WinMX, Emule, Kazaa, etc., this sort of site is no longer needed. It's easier and faster to get your fix through those P2P programs. Since most of you here are probably for anime, I would recommend going to Animesuki.com to get your *unlicensed* anime. Yes, instead of just the openings and endings, you can get *full* episodes. The caveat is that they don't have licensed stuff there, since the whole point of fansubbing is so that you will go out and support the companies who license and bring over the anime here.

Anyway, enough of why the site is dead. I've also personally moved on to other stuff, namely blogging. This site of mine was where it all started. Frontpage, tables, frames, pre-made templates, etc. My new site is now at http://www.tabulas.com/~dracil. Now, it's all done in text editors and written in mainly Cascading Style Sheets. You won't find any downloads there, but I do occasionally talk about the newest games or anime that have come out in Japan. And if you really must see if any of my old stuff is up, just click here.

Jya ne!