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The Video Room

Use Ctrl-F to find the video if you have trouble finding it on this page.  To play the files, get RealPlayer 8.0 or above.  For 

AnimeGame and others

Ah! My Goddess opening

Bakuretsu Hunter opening

Blue Seed opening

Cyber Team in Akihabara opening

Digi Charat opening

Evangelion opening

Evangelion ending

Excel Saga opening

Himikoden opening

Hyper Police opening

Love Hina opening

Record of Lodoss War opening

Rurouni Kenshin opening

Saber Marionette TV J opening

Saber Marionette TV J ending

Serial Experiments Lain opening

Slayers Next opening

Slayers Try opening

To Heart opening

The Violinist of Hameln opening

Yamamoto Yoko opening

Final Fantasy 8 Intro

Final Fantasy 8 Ending - ff8end1.rm, ff8end2.rm A, ff8end2.rm B, ff8end3.rm; ff8end2.rm is split into two files.  Download both and use Hjsplit to put it back together.

Final Fantasy 9 preview

Final Fantasy 10 preview

Final Fantasy 11 preview

Official Final Fantasy Movie Trailer

Star Wars Episode I Trailer

Anime Episodes
The files are located on, so you'll need a FDS/Myspace account to download.  The shared folder password is Read the FAQ for more info.

Hyper Police episode 1