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The Music Room

Use Ctrl-F to find the song  if you have trouble finding it on this page.  To play the files, get RealPlayer 8.0.  If you have questions, read the FAQ page before asking me.

Final Fantasy Vocal Collection I - PrayFinal Fantasy Vocal Collection II - Love Will Grow
  1. Prelude
  2. The Promised Land
  3. Mon P'tit Chat
  4. The Wanderer of Time
  5. Into the Light
  6. Esperanca Do Amor
  7. Voyage
  8. Au Palais De Verre
  9. Once you Meet Her  
  10. Pray MP3 here
  11. Nao Chora Menina
  1. Long Distance
  2. Eternal Wind
  3. Have You Ever Seen Me?
  4. Valse des Amoreux
  5. GAIA
  6. Traces of Distant Days
  7. Home, Sweet Home
  8. Estrelas
  9. God's Cradle
  10. Love Will Grow MP3 here
  11. Prelude
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite(RealPlayer G2/7.0)Final Fantasy VI - Grand Finale
  1. Scene I
  2. Scene II
  3. Scene III
  4. Scene IV
  5. Scene V
  6. Scene VI
  7. Scene VII
  1. Opening Theme ~ Tina
  2. Cefca
  3. The Mystic Forest
  4. Gau
  5. Milan de Chocobo
  6. Troops March On
  7. Kids Run Through the City Corner
  8. Blackjack
  9. Relm
  10. Mistery Train
  11. Aria Di Mezzo Carattere (Italian)
Final Fantasy 1987-1994(RealPlayer G2/7.0)1999 Newest Anime Songs Vol. 13(RealPlayer G2/7.0)
  1. Scene III (same as FF: Symphonic Suite)
  2. Roaming Sheep
  3. Theme of Love
  4. Legend of the Forest (remix)
  5. Witch of the Water, Eria
  6. Welcome to Our Town!
  7. Moogle's Theme
  8. The Breeze
  9. Trojan Beauty
  10. Home Sweet Home
  11. Dear Friends
  12. Aria Di Mezzo Carattere (same as FF:GF track 11)
  13. Rydia
  14. Scene VII (same as FF: SS)
  15. Song de Chocobo
  16. Final Fantasy (piano version)
  1. Steel Angel Kurumi opening (Starting From a Kiss)
  2. Steel Angel Kurumi ending (Forever Steel Angels)
  3. Omishi Magical Theater theme (not translated yet)
  4. Omishi Magical Theater BGM (not translated yet)
  5. Excel Saga opening
  6. Excel Saga ending
  7. Infinite Ryvius opening (dis)
  8. Infinite Ryvius ending (Over the Dream)
  9. Track09 (not translated yet)
  10. Weiss kreuz opening (No Reason)
  11. Weiss kreuz ending (Mellow Candle)
  12. Angelic kiss kiss opening (All night? All right! Let's begin the night)
  13. Angelic kiss kiss ending (song name not translated yet)
  14. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Revenge opening (song name not translated yet)
  15. Silent Moon (song name, anime name untranslated)
  16. Trouble Chocolate ending (song name not translated yet)
1998 Best Japanese Anime Themes 2 Disc 11998 Best Japanese Anime Themes 2 Disc 2
  1. Slam Dunk TV Opening
  2. Slam Dunk First TV Ending
  3. Slam Dunk Second TV Ending
  4. Slam Dunk Newest TV Edition
  5. Endless Chain (actual song name; a basketball anime's Movie theme, might be Slam Dunk's)
  6. Slam Dunk Movie Theme
  7. Ikkyu-san (old anime)
  8. Chibi Maruko-chan theme (literal translation)
  9. Crayon Chan theme
  10. There's a lowlife dog in the house (literal translation)
  11. Doraemon theme ('95 new version)
  12. Sailor Moon Theme
  13. 3x3 Eyes Theme (Still in the Shadow)
  14. 3x3 Eyes Ending (Stay)
  15. YuYu Hakusho Theme (Nightmare)
  1. New Gundam Theme (It's Just Love)
  2. Street Fighter Movie Theme
  3. Ranma 1/2 Theme (one of the opening songs)
  4. Magic Knight Rayearth Theme
  5. H2 Theme
  6. Mermaid's Scar Theme (Beads of Tears)
  7. Patlabor TV Theme (Condition Green)
  8. Ninja Rantarou Theme
  9. Ninja Rantarou Theme (another one)
  10. Urusei Yatsura theme
  11. Ah! My Goddess Theme
  12. Totoro's Theme
  13. Nausicaa
  14. Laputa, Castle in the Sky
  15. Tenchi Muyou Theme
Saber Marionette J OVA 2-CD Set Disc 1Saber Marionette J OVA 2-CD Set Disc 2
  1. Yoake
  2. Sakaseru ze! Dokyoubana (OVA Size)MP3 here
  3. Ochyoshimono I: Kidoairaku
  4. Mizu to Abura
  5. Lorelai
  6. Mamotte Ageru (OVA Size)
  7. Shoujo
  8. Ochyoushimono II: Shichtem Hattou
  9. Ponta-kun no Sato
  10. Marin
  11. Mebae
  13. Ugokidasu Kage
  14. Battle Saber
  15. Kodama: Negai, Chikai, Soshite Itoshiki Omoi
  16. Ashita wa Hareru
  17. Hesitation MP3 here
  18. Yochou: Sayonara Kurou
  1. Hesitation (OVA Size)
  2. Plasma Taido
  3. Owari no Hi
  4. Monster: Attouteki na Higeki
  5. Kage ni Nare (OVA Size)
  6. Mamoru Hito ga Iru!
  7. Gekkou no Shita de
  8. Kaze no Uta o Kikinagara
  9. Kokoro, Mezame no Toki
  10. Ketsui
  11. Arashi
  12. Lime
  13. Yasashii Hikari ni Tsutsumarete
  14. Umi e Kaeru
  15. I'll Be There (Ballad version)
  16. Ochyoushimono III: Ikkadanran
  17. Mamotte Ageru (bonus)
  18. Heart Break Down (bonus)
  19. Kaze no Uta o Kikinagara (bonus)
  20. Hesitation (off vocal) (bonus)
Rurouni Kenshin: The Best Theme Collection(RealPlayer G2/7.0)Midi Music
Note: Most of these are bad translations of the song names.
  1. Only Be With You
  2. Rainbow
  3. Sobakasu (name's in Japanese)
  4. Dame! (name's in Japanese)
  5. 1/2
  6. 1/3 Pure Feelings
  7. It's Gonna Rain!
  8. Heart of Sword
  9. Tears can understand
  10. Tactics
  11. The Fourth Avenue Cafe
  12. Forever Future
  13. ??? (5 character's themes)
  14. The Ten Swords (their themes)
Farland Saga

Vantage Master

Lord Monarch

Poly Chrome

Last Guardian

Princess Maker, Princess Maker 2, Princess Maker 3

3x3 Eyes

Elder Blaze

Rich 4

FF7 Midis: GM, AWE, XG, YGM

Collection of the possible midis playing on my page.

Go here for unzipped midis.

Anime Singles Selection #7Miscellaneous music
  1. Nuku Nuku - A HOUSE CAT
  2. Shiawase wa chisana tsumikasane
  3. Rurouni Kenshin - Blast
  4. Water Puzzle
  5. Shadow Skill - born Legend
  6. For My Pride
  7. Last Quarter
  8. Brain Powerd - Field of Love
  9. Heaven God's ... (to be translated)
  10. Hug the Season Tightly - Hug the Season Tightly
  11. Double Cast - door
  12. Dispatch!  Miniskirt Police - Ouch!
  13. Welcome Japan

Eyes on Me Instrumental

Legend of Mana opening

Legend of Mana ending

Eva Thesis Unison

Excel Saga ending (reverse)



The 7th Guest (game)

One-Winged Angel Orchestrated (game)

Saber Marionette J-Opening

Saber Marionette J-Ending

Saber Marionette J-Proof of Myself

Saber Marionette J-Lively Motion

Saber Marionette J-Izayoi

The Violinist of Hameln opening

Pegasus Fantasy - Saint Seya

3x3 Eyes-Theme of Love

3x3 Eyes-Concerto for Love

3x3 Eyes-???

3x3 Eyes-Main Theme

Untitled songs from games (i.e., the tracks were taken directly off the CDs):

Click here for Feng Yun

Click here for Guardian's Sword Disc1

Click here for Guardian's Sword Disc2

Click here for Guardian's Sword Saga

If you want the Final Fantasy lyrics, you can always go to The Opera House and find them.