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Dracil's rare game & anime midi, realaudio, realvideo, & MP3

New news: This site is dead.  Simple as that.  It's not worth the time and trouble for me to go find a bunch of servers to upload these files to.  Also, with things like WinMX out there, sites like these aren't really that needed anymore.  So that is what I am also recommending people to use to find their files now.  If however, you ever manage to find me on WinMX, let me know and I may move you up in the queue.  I'll probably start using Dracil as my WinMX name so people can find me more easily.  That, I suppose, is your reward for coming to my site.  I may or may not also set up an FTP server (note that the server will go down randomly depending on how much I need bandwidth).  Since I have limited bandwidth, I may put a poll up on every file I have, and every week, a couple of those files will be on the FTP for people to download (as opposed to massive queues as everyone tries to queue up files from about 30GB of files)

In any case, I may put up a list of what I have soon (if I feel like it).  This site may also be revived, but with vastly different content (no more downloads).

Any comments?  E-mail me, use ICQ, use the Feedback form, or sign my Guestbook.  The more responses I get, the more likely I'll update as it shows people care enough to give me feedback.  If you want to link to my page, use  You may also use the banner or the button when linking.

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Page last updated on 08/08/02

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