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The Download Center

Winamp 3 Alpha 4 turbo
This is an alpha version of the upcoming Winamp 3.
This is a better version than the old ff8find.exe.   This utility extracts the .str movie files from the FF8 CDs, and unlike ff8find.exe, it extracts the movies WITH the sound.  The usage of the program is as follows:  Unzip, then unzip the util file in the zip.  Next go to ms-dos and to the directory where you extracted the files, and type "ff8cdfnd ff8disc?.img".  Replace the question mark with the disc number.  After it finishes marking where the movie files are, you can then type "ff8cdstr ff8disc?.img", once again replacing the ? with the disc number.  This should extract the movies.  Now, to view the .str files, you'll need a program called PSXVideo.  Just search for it on the search engines.
This program allows you to hide files in files.
ICQ Protection
A program created by Warforge that prevents you from being bombed on ICQ
A fun program to trick your friends into thinking you hacked into any of 4 places.